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Welcome to Agorazo ! 


Sales & marketing division of Goldreed Group 


When manufactures and suppliers seek to enter new markets, reduce cost, boost sales and increase revenue: they connect with AGORAZO!

We are meticulous and innovative professional providers of field sales and marketing services at your disposal, representing every manufacturers interest at all levels. Agorazo challenges status quo through a wholesome approach poised to deliver on time, quality and budget.

Agorazo takes genuine interest in your business to acquire new customers, provide market exposure, sophisticated opportunity tracking, access to customer and factory data, inventory and order status, customer feedback, explain product features and product development.


Agorazo virtually creates your office, where our sales reps, field agents, sales engineers and contractors sell, secure orders, execute installations, warehousing and maintenance operations while building long-term relationships with principals, customers and channel partners.

Our vast product portfolios coupled with our consultative approach, allows us present broad-based solutions to customer problems, add value and stimulate sustainable partnerships. We understand the challenges and anticipate a holistic strategy to hit targets and exceed quotas.  

Our sales and marketing operations spans from Germany' industrial hub Munich-Bavaria across all German speaking countries plus Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway,  the Aland Islands and the Faroe Islands. Canada, France and Africa.

Agorazo covers the Central, Southern and Western African regions through it´s export management subsidiary SOCAIDEX operating from Yaoundé in Cameroon - Central Africa.


                         If you believe your product or service is good enough, we market it!

Why Choose Us?



Agorazo is every manufacturer’s instant market access gateway and cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time salaried sales force and remember no cost is incurred until a sale is made.


We have a knack for details and stand with you each step of the way!

We represent your interest at all level.   


Our company is built by the character of our staff, a sense of unity, fellow feeling and the place of choice reserved to our principals, channel partners and customers.

About us 

 Goldreed Group is a holding company with related but distinct products, services, markets and opportunities. Goldreed also provides business consulting services to German and European businesses seeking to invest, secure raw materials or position their products or services in Africa.

Our strategy is based on diversification, innovation and international development.  

Goldreed is strategically diversified for better risk distribution.... Read more


For Leads, once the real decision maker-with a planned project that fits our principal´s products or services has been determined, the lead generation process starts. Each business opportunity is qualified according to criteria defined by principals.

For business support, we are either business takers (customer contract) or business makers

We are hiring!
Chief Financial Officer
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We are hiring!
Chief Financial Officer


AGORAZO---Sales & Marketing

SOCAIDEX---Export Mangement & Distribution

XCELPROM---Entertainment Agency

What we offer:

Sales representation / Online Shop/ Lead generation, new customers acquisition, products launch/ outsourced staff/ export/ product distribution ...more

Partners & Projects:

Laboratoires Biopharma, 2fEnergie/ Numeris/ Zoiros IT/ High-Tech Bridge/ Busicon.

BATIC/ Alkebulanfest-München/ Goldreed Awards

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